Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Prepare now with home insurance | Get a quote now, and you'll be ready for the unexpected. Progressive homeowners insurance covers repairs to your house, costs to completely replace something, your belongings and even extra living expenses if you have to stay somewhere else. We cover fire, wind, hail, lightning, theft and more.

Get the best homeowners insurance for you
Progressive homeowners insurance covers so much more than just your house. We automatically include some of these coverages and offer more. See all of our homeowners insurance coverages.

  • Liability - If you're sued, your home insurance covers you for any claims for which you are liable as well as your legal fees. For example, if someone is injured on your property or you damage another's belongings.
  • Your personal belongings - Jewelry, furniture, clothes, electronics, etc. (even if they're not in your home) are covered. We'll ask you about your belongings during your home insurance quote.
  • Hotel and living expenses - If you can't stay at home during repairs, your homeowners insurance covers hotel stays and meals.

What is secured by home protection 

Standard home protection scope strategies give the accompanying sorts of scope, up as far as possible laid out in the approaches: 
  • Abiding — Pays for harm or demolition to your home and any unattached structures and structures, for example, wall, isolates carports, and capacity sheds. 
  • Individual Property — Covers the substance of your home, including furniture, dress and apparatuses, on the off chance that they are stolen, harmed, or decimated. 
  • Obligation — Protects you against budgetary misfortune on the off chance that you are sued and discovered legitimately in charge of another person's harm or property harm. 
  • Therapeutic Payments — Covers hospital expenses for individuals harmed on your property. Therapeutic Payments scope likewise pays for a few wounds that may happen far from your home, for example, if your canine chomps somebody. 
  • Loss of Use — Pays for extra everyday costs if your house is excessively harmed, making it impossible to live in amid repairs. Most standard home protection scope pays 10 to 20 percent of the measure of your abode scope. 

You likewise can buy the accompanying discretionary home protection inclusions: 

  • Ensured Replacement Cost — Provides the most entire scope for your home. Your home insurance agency obliges you to meet particular guaranteeing principles and conditions to fit the bill for this scope. For example, you may need to expand your home protection sum on a month to month, quarterly or yearly premise to stay aware of the expansion rate. 
  • Expansion Guard Endorsement — Automatically changes your home protection limits amid your approach period so they are at 80 percent or a greater amount of your home's substitution taken a toll, which is the sum most home insurance agencies oblige you to have. This scope is helpful if your home's supplanting expense is expanding with swelling. 
  • Planned Personal Property Endorsement — Also called an individual article floater. With this scope, belonging, including adornments, hides, stamps, coins, weapons, PCs, collectibles, and so on., are secured. Each article is separated and point by point in the floater, and avoided risks additionally are laid out. Individual article floaters regularly don't have deductibles. 
  • Expanded Limits on Money and Securities — Increases scope sums for cash, certified receipts, securities, deeds and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 
  • Optional Residence Premises Endorsement — Covers an auxiliary home, for example, a mid year home. Protection for optional homes is not consequently given by the home protection arrangement you have for your essential or central habitation, so it's vital to consider this support on the off chance that you claim more than one home. 
  • Watercraft Endorsement — Expands individual obligation and restorative installments scope for little sailboats and detachable speedboats as it were. 
  • Robbery Coverage Protection Endorsement — If things from your engine vehicle, trailer or watercraft are stolen, burglary scope insurance widens burglary scope without requiring evidence of coercive passage. 
  • Mastercard Forgery and Depositors Forgery Coverage Endorsement — Coverage applies if your charge cards are lost, stolen or utilized without authorization, or in the event that somebody fashions a check, draft, promissory note, and so on. Certain limitations apply and are noted in your home protection arrangement. 

What is not secured by home protection 

A standard mortgage holders approach may not shield you from: 
  • Surge, Earthquake, Nuclear Accident and War — To secure against unexpected and wild occasions like these, you can buy danger protection through your home protection strategy. 
  • Windstorm Damage — In specific regions (for the most part beach front) of a few states, standard home protection scope does not cover harm created by windstorms and hail. Check your approach data to check whether windstorm harm is canvassed in your general vicinity. 

Things to ask before you purchase home protection 

  • Is surge protection required, and what sort of surge protection is accessible? 
    On the off chance that you live in a surge plain and you have a home loan, you might be required to have surge protection. Contingent upon where your house is found, you may fit the bill for surge protection through the National Flood Insurance Program. Some insurance agencies additionally offer surge protection. Remember that your home could manage surge harm by different means, for example, broken channels, regardless of the possibility that it's not situated in a surge plain, so consider this scope in the event that you are qualified for it. 
  • Is seismic tremor protection accessible? 
    Most insurance agencies offer quake protection for an extra cost. This protection by and large is appended to your home protection arrangement as an underwriting. In the event that you live in California, scope is accessible from the California Earthquake Authority. 
These are only several the key things to ask when acquiring property holders protection.

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